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Heady days for English at Brébeuf

I swung by school on the sun-drenched Sunday at the end of Spring Break. I wanted to drop off some books, papers, a laptop and sort out some documentation for the CAPA, but I stumbled upon the full Thespain Troupe as they went through their paces outside Salle Jacques-Maurice. They were running lines ahead of their upcoming adaptation of the iconic Breakfast Club. Five tropes in high school detention on a Saturday. One of those films that is a cultural touchstone for those of us who are of a certain vintage. I spied from a corner for a while and was impressed with what I saw and heard. Of interest about this group is that former students are running the show. Victor Privé, who is an IB graduate, coached the actors on their pacing and interactions amongst each other. On stage, I went over to say hello to Giuseppe DiLonardo, another alumnus and the grand guru of all things Thespian. Giuseppe is the dramatic creator of these film adaptations, and while I know he’ll be the first to point out all of the help he gets, he spoke to me with a drill in his hand as he paused from building the set to chat. Commitment! Don’t miss Thespian’s presentations of The Breakfast Club on March 10 and 11. Updates: www.facebook.com/thespian.troupe BClub

The 4th edition of the Reflections Writing Contest will host its gala awards night on March 17 at Marianopolis. This second language creative writing project has experienced increased growth over these first few early years and one can safely assume that the project is here to stay!  Writing along the daring themes of Risk and The Flip Side of Failure, in forms including poetry, fiction, prose and even two ambitious short stories, this year will see 33 prizes awarded to worthy participants.  The success of this endeavour hinges on two elements: dedicated teachers and a wide range of support throughout the Brébeuf community.  Here’s what one of our judge’s, Neale McDevitt, from McGill had to say about some of the entries:  » You had mentioned how many of the authors are writing in their second language and — my god — I couldn’t imagine trying to do something similar in French. Also, please send along my congratulations to everyone who participated in this endeavour. I know firsthand how difficult it can be to hand over a piece of writing for public consumption or, even more daunting, a panel of judges to pore over and criticize. It takes great courage to share something that is, in many cases, an extremely personal part of ourselves. Everyone is to be commended for taking this huge leap of faith. »  Indeed, fortune favors the brave! Winners, photos and video clip update: www.facebook.com/Reflections    gazing_night_at_rooftop4 (1)




Tutoring at the Centre d’aide et de perfectionnement en anglais (CAPA), has had a steady if conservative start to the term.  Typically though the pace will increase after the break.  There are 29 students who’ve been invited to seek guidance from the wonderful, not to mention, volunteer tutors during the week of March 7.  It’ll be busier than Costco on a Friday afternoon!!! Weekly updates: www.facebook.com/CAPA2015

My high school colleague Jeremy Cohen runs a wonderful writing contest for secondary 1-5 students.  I’ve acted as a judge for a number of years and, frankly speaking, this is one of the highlights of my school year.  The writing is raw and malleable and yearning to explode.  As students grow through the years, a maturity in their writing becomes obvious to an attuned reader. The readings and music at the yearly awards ceremony are refreshingly unpretentious.  I’m dead keen for April 12th.  Check out Mr. Cohen’s promotional video for this year’s contest:www.youtube.com/watch?v=1K8hg-Q7zz8&list=PLbqdxUmW3ADG_JBoJY5DsBeZvlGVHTjvT


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