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CAPA CAPA Speakers Series

The 2016 fall term is half over and the Centre d’aide et de perfectionnement en anglais (CAPA) is working at full-throttle.  Regular weekly tutoring is ongoing and the over 30 volunteer tutors have been kept busy since September.  A new wrinkle for the center this year is that of a speakers series. Special thanks to those who have accepted our invitation and to Brébeuf’s funding the series.

The idea is to have professionals from an array of fields who are in the early years of their career speak with students. They will be sharing their educational background and speaking specifically as to how this prepared them for the work they’ve chosen.  Some of the highs and lows encountered in their early years on the job will be fodder for more discussion and, I assume, some amusing anecdotes.  Those gathered will have ample opportunity to question the speaker about various aspects relating to the chosen craft. A slate of four speakers has been set for this inaugural year.

I can think of no one more willing to risk a new project like this than Susy Binstock. Working with start-ups to help realize goals is Susy’s role with Steam.ca .  With a background in graphic design, Susy accompanies business ventures as they chart the early steps and long-term objectives in various traditional and new media worlds.  Mark your calendar for lunchtime on October 26 in G1.62.  Giuseppe Di Lonardo, a Conventum alumnus, will be visiting Brébeuf in late-November to discuss his many theatrical and television writing, casting and directing projects with Media Ranch.  Giuseppe is also the founder of the Thespian Theater Troupe, which presents Ex-Machina as its 2017 title show.  The winter term will see Yacine Drinali, whose work with business-directed companies and projects at VWR International will be the focus of his talk.  The final invitee will be Dan Hay, chief scriptwriter at Ubisoft.  With the focus on storytelling within the online world, not to mention that deification of gaming within some sectors of North America, it is clear that Dan’s visit should be both significantly relevant and popular.

I am confident that the series will go well.  I am also hopeful that you will find the time to bring along a lunch, corral a friend and take part in the events.

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